The best way to take notes on podcasts


15-second chunks

A different way to control audio. An episode’s audio is split into 15-second chunks that you can tap on. No more scrubbing back and forth with your old player.

SPP Thread.PNG

Annotate to the second

Send and receive annotations from friends. No friends? No worries. Take notes for yourself!

SPP Needle.PNG

Start a conversation

Tap a name then annotate

More than a just a list of episodes


See history and people

Use the green history bar on the right to see how far you are into an episode. When you get a message their avatar appears.

Podcasts, friends, and you

Community Top 2.PNG

Less clutter

Simple UI to help you find what you need

Community Bottom.PNG

Podcasts and people. All in one

Recommendations from a friend all in one list. Treat it like a podcast curated by a friend (or yourself)